Projects, Collaborations
and Appearances - A Timeline!

1/4/22: Florence Fane in San Francisco - Podcast Episode!

Presented by Storybound


1/1/22: My Art is Featured on the cover of The Dramatist magazine!

Also inside art! Also a little interview with me!

12/27/21: Bad Right Breast Podcast Interview

9/29/21-10/2/21: 36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations

Albuquerque High School

9/20/21: Finalist for Portland Civic Theatre Guild's 2022 New Play Award

"Acts of Creation"

9/12/21: I was accepted into the PlayGround-LA Writer's Pool!


5/26-27/21: Florence Fane in San Francisco

FIRST DRAFT, reading produced by Over the Bridge Arts

3/9/21-3/25/21: True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases THE PODCAST

Bag & Baggage Productions


Presented by UCLA

10/3/20: Cancervention


Cancer’s Got Your Tongue: Talking with a Loved One Who Has Cancer 

9/20/20: Sequestered Soliloquies IV: Special Delivery


5/20/20: Kenneth Macgowan Family Playwriting Award recipient

"After This Episode"

4/25/20: Sequestered Soliloquies II: Spring Cleaning
"Mouth Talk"

4/4/20: Sequestered Soliloquies I: Together

"Anchor and Arrow"

Bag & Baggage Productions

3/6/20: Selected for Theater Masters TAKE TEN 2020 Festival

"A Temporary Funeral for Darren McDuffy"

2/6/20: 2021 SMALL BITES

LineStorm at Lunch

Fertile Ground Festival

See my newest short play: "A Temporary Funeral for Darren McDuffy"

1/29/20: Finalist

Kennedy Center/NNPN MFA Playwrights’ Workshop

I just learned I've been advanced to the finals! Cross your fingers for me.

12/3/19: 2021 United States Artists Fellowship Nomination

I just learned I was nominated for this amazing fellowship! I'm so honored! And working hard on my application.


12/3/19: Naked Angels

 "A Temporary Funeral for Darren McDuffy"

11/23-24/19: Hooligan Theater One-Act Festival

My first lil' production at UCLA

11/8/19: LitCrawl - A Live Storytelling Event

@Kickstand Comedy

10/2/19: Received a RACC grant to adapt Florence Fane in San Francisco into a radio drama with Jude Brewer!

Early stages of drafting a multi-episode version of this story begin ow!

9/25/19: Started the MFA Playwriting program at UCLA!

The start of a whole new chapter in life!


8/9/19-8/11/19: Slipper Tongue

Performed at Femslash Fest

Otherworld Theatre

7/21/19: Sunrise Daisy Wellness Retreat

Writing group facilitator

6/1/19: Integrative Oncology Conference

Oregon Health & Science University

Presenter - writing group demonstration

5/24/19: Northwest FolkLife Festival

Tantalizing Tales at the Underground Folklife Cafe

Seattle, WA

5/3/19: After This Episode

Camas High School - production

My 10-minute short is expanded into a full-length play!

4/25/19: Florence Fane in San Francisco

Seattle Playwrights Salon - reading

1/26/19: Svetlana Svetlana / You Ruined My Play - A LineStorm Fundraiser

One lucky raffle winner walked away with a stellar prize! A 2-minute monologue about anything, written by yours truly!

1/25/19: Fertile Ground Festival Kickoff!

I organized this whole dang event!

12/4/18: Lifestyles of the Unrich and Nonfamous

Storytellers Telling Stories Podcast

11/9/18: Storytellers Telling Stories Live Podcast Recording

Lit Crawl - Portland Literary Arts

10/25/18: Wine-ing For Literacy 2018

Keynote speaker

Annual flagship fundraiser for First Book Portland

9/16/18: Florence Fane in San Francisco

The first public reading of my new play!

Artists Repertory Theatre - LineStorm Playwrights

8/28/18: Sunrise Daisy Wellness Retreat

I'll deliver the opening address!

8/20/18: Fertile Ground Mixer

I organize and MC this fabulous networking event as registration opens for the Fertile Ground Festival

7/29/18: Storyteller

The Hour That Stretches

7/28/18: Luminaria Speaker

Relay for Life - North Clackamas

6/16/18: Luminaria Speaker

Relay for Life - Hillsboro/Forest Grove

6/4/18: "After This Episode" performance at OHSU School of Nursing

Workshop and reflection for new grad nurses - led by Travis Scott

6/1/18: "Nothing Like 'Laramie' Could Happen Here"

Sarah Hauser Festival of Stories

5/21/18: I'm accepted into the Sterling Room for Writers!

Multnomah County Library

5/14/18-5/20/18: Research trip to UC Berkeley for my new play

4/13/18: "After This Episode" at Seattle Playwrights Salon

Staged Reading at The Conservatory

3/26/18: "After This Episode" performance at OHSU School of Nursing

Workshop and reflection for new grad nurses - led by Travis Scott

3/8/18: Workshop: Exploring Gender, Exploring Insecurity through Freewriting

Lewis & Clark Gender Studies Symposium

I devised and facilitated this workshop with Lewis & Clark professor Daena Goldsmith and former student Julia Burns.

​3/3/18: LineStorm February Challenge Readings

The February Challenge is to write a play in a month. LineStorm held a reading of all the finished scripts on the first weekend of March. I wrote a first draft of my new play - a historical drama about Frances Fuller Victor. More on that later!

2/1/18 and 2/3/18:“True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases”

Bag & Baggage Theatre

-Selected as an Oregonian Art Pick

-Oregon ArtsWatch Article:

1/18/18: Featured playwright at UnWote: Part Reading / Part Improvised New Work

Deep End Theatre

1/25/18: Featured storyteller at ROAR Fierce Female Storytelling

Kiggins Theater

1/18/18: “True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases”

Artists Repertory Theatre

-Selected as one of Willamette Week's Favorite Moments From Fertile Ground: "Barrett's brazen and self-deprecating narration... leaves you in awe of her boundless wit, strength, candor and lust for life."

1/11/18: Keynote speaker for Students of the Year Kickoff

Oregon Health & Science University

12/2/17: Featured storyteller at 7 Minutes in Heaven

Funhouse Lounge

11/14/17: Featured storyteller at Story People of Clallam County

Port Angeles library

11/2/17: Wine-ing for Literacy Keynote Address

First Book Portland

10/20/17: “After This Episode” – Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative

Northwest Narrative Medicine Conference

Performance of 10-minute play
Facilitator of "Getting Your Feet Wet" Writing Workshop

10/11&12/17: “True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases" excerpt before the production of "Sillyheart"

Camas High School

10/9&10/17: “Portland in Play: Decades" – Linestorm Playwrights

Artists Repertory Theater

9/20/17: “Martha's Beeswing Listening Bee” – Martha Grover

Beeswing Cafe

9/19/17: LLS Mission Moment
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

9/2/17: “From One Stage To Another” – Portland Storytellers’ Guild

Clinton Street Theater


9/1/17: Interview with KGW8 Portland Today

8/6/17: “Imagine Live” – Pickathon Music Festival
Writer / Performer: “Can My Imaginary Friends Come Too?”


Woods Stage, Pendarvis Farms


7/27/17: Voted “Portland’s Best Storyteller” in Willamette Week

Best of Portland Issue, 2017

“Brianna Barrett's storytelling career began with the darkest story: a Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis in 2013. From video series documenting her fight with cancer to 36 Perfectly Appropriate Dinner Conversations, Barrett has made Portlanders cry, laugh and rejoice.”


7/7/17-7/23/17: “36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations” – HART: Page to Stage; directed by Carl Dahlquist

Writer, Full-length comedy

HART Theater
- "Barrett's script is incredibly witty"
- "it's a very, very funny play"
- "I definitely plan to attend at least one more performance"


6/7/17: LineStorm is Officially an Artists Repertory Theatre ArtsHub Company-in-Residence

6/2/17-6/18/17: “36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations” Workshop – Theatre 33; directed by Stephanie Mulligan
Writer, Full-length comedy

Willamette University, M. Lee Pelton Playhouse

Four public performances 6/17-6/18.

"It’s a brand new comedy by a young, successful Portland playwright, Brianna Barrett...The play was purposefully written that way so any gender could be cast in any role”...”The group is trying to discover if, and when, this was last done anywhere in a full play, and can’t find any documentation. So, this could be the first time a theatre has done this.”


6/11/17: Writing Workshop at Project Koru This is Life

I taught a writing workshop at this weekend retreat with another one of my favorite cancer survivorship non-profits.


6/3/17: Sarah Hauser Festival of Stories – Portland Storytellers’ Guild

Writer / Performer

4/8/17: “Festival Finale - Showcase Concert” – Art of the Story: 13th Annual Storytelling Festival

Writer / Performer: “Fixated”

Arts & Communication Magnet Academy auditorium

4/9/17: Bridge Prose Weekend Retreat – in collaboration with First Descents

Alyssa and I are honored to be asked to host another event with First Descents.

4/5/17: “True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases” – Art of the Story: 13th Annual Storytelling Festival
Writer / Performer: 1-woman show (60 minutes)

Walters Cultural Center

4/4/17: “Can My Imaginary Friends Come Too?” – Art of the Story: 13th Annual Storytelling Festival
Writer / Performer: 1-woman show (60 minutes)

Forest Grove Library

4/1/17: “Who’s Fooling Who?” – Portland Storytellers’ Guild

Writer / Performer

Hipbone Studio


3/26/17: “36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations” is named a Semi-Finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s 2017 National Playwrights Conference


3/9/17: “36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations” – Lewis and Clark Gender Studies Symposium

Writer, excerpt performed

Lewis and Clark College


1/21/17 & 1/27/17: “LineStorm’s Short & Sweet” – Fertile Ground Festival

Writer of 10-minute short: “After This Episode”

Hipbone Studio


11/20/16: Wine-ing for Literacy – First Book Portland



11/11/16: “Notes of Hope 9” – HHH Foundation

Curator, Head Storytelling Coach

Alberta Rose Theater

11/4/16: “Affable Gentlemen: DIY” – Affable Gentlemen Storytelling

NW Documentary

11/3/16: Bridge Prose Article for Teen Cancer America


10/17/16-10/18/16: “Portland in Play” – LineStorm Playwrights

Writer of 10-minute short: “M-I-S-S”

Artists Repertory Theatre, Alder Stage


9/17/16: “Story Beat LIVE” – Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative

I read an excerpt from “True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases”



9/11/16: The first Bridge Prose Weekend Retreat – in collaboration with First Descents’ Karma Over Cancer

Me and Alyssa Englund’s first step to building our own non-profit benefitting the young adult cancer community.


9/3/16: “Storython” – Portland Storytellers’ Guild

Writer / Performer: “Learning to Surf”

Hipbone Studio

9/3/16: “Affable Gentlemen: Labor Pains” – Affable Gentlemen Storytelling

Writer / Performer: “The Worst Job I’ve Ever Had”

Clinton Street Theater


8/5/16: “Imagine Live” – Pickathon Music Festival

Lucky Barn, Pendarvis Farms


7/18/16: Voted “Portland’s Best Storyteller” in Willamette Week

Best of Portland Issue, 2016

5/21/16: Think Like a Filmmaker

Workshop Instructor

Portland Storytellers Guild

5/14/16: Garbanzo Meets the Circus – directed by Thomas Schroyer

Co-Writer / Performer

Sherwood Center for the Arts

5/11/16: I am invited to become a member of LineStorm Playwrights

5/6/16: A student from Lewis & Clark College wrote a paper about me!

Totally blew my mind. I love it. Later I met her in real life and she's super nice. You can read her essay here:

"These videos serve as a unique look into the life of an individual with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But they aren’t limited to this. They also shed light on what it means to be a 20-something, what it means to move back in with your parents, what it means to mix the medicine with your daily life, and what it means to do all of this while dealing with serious medical issues. They allow the viewer to learn and empathize with Barrett and her friends and family and largely, see how humor is the best medicine."


3/9/16: The Beginning of my AYA Writing Group for Cancer Survivors at OSHU

Recurring weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:30 from this date to the present.


1/30/16-2/1/2016: “The New Vaudeville” – Fertile Ground Festival

Clinton Street Theater
Writer / Director / Producer


1/11/16: “YARN 4: Unexpected” – The Yarn

Clinton Street Theater

1/9/16: “Destiny, Discovery, Direction” – Portland Storytellers’ Guild

Writer / Performer: “Can My Imaginary Friends Come Too?”
Hipbone Studio

11/13/15: “Notes of Hope: Cancer Knocked, I Answered” – The HHH Foundation

Curator, Head Storytelling Coach
Alberta Rose Theater

11/11/15: Interview on MetroEast Community Media


9/12/15: “The Affable Gentlemen: It’s Loose!” – Affable Gentlemen Storytelling

Writer / Performer


8/8/15: "Rosalie Was a Puddle" – Gambling the Aisle, Issue 8

Writer: Poetry


6/30/15: KGW Interview for OHSU Knight Cancer Challenge


6/24/15: Wrote a Feature for OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

6/6/15: Featured Poet in The Morty

5/9/15: “Ceremony of the Weird” – Portland Storytellers’ Guild
Writer / Performer
Hipbone Studio


3/28/15-4/20/15: “Cancer Rebellion” – Teen Cancer America

Joined Hernan Barangan for a month of traveling America shooting interviews with young adult cancer survivors in all 50 states.


1/29/15-1/31/2015: “36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations” – Fertile Ground Festival

Clinton Street Theater
“Siblings Brianna Barrett and Hamilton Barrett don't have a problem sharing the spotlight. They were born a year apart, and they're putting on back-to-back productions at this year's Fertile Ground festival of new works.”

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