March 10, 2018

My OHSU writing group is officially 2 years old today! And every week, I'm so happy it's a thing that exists, and that I get to sit around writing stories with wonderful people who find new, really cool stories to tell all the time. This week I learned one of these peo...

January 16, 2018

IN THREE DAYS! Share a meal with me while I edit a movie and perform a show about my life. There's some great food carts downtown. Or bring something from home! Or grab to-go at your favorite restaurant. Oooh, that sounds good - can you pick me up some fries actually?


December 16, 2017

So I found my old diary from 2012 and am reading through it. I'll actually be reading a small piece of it on stage for my new solo show. In fact, that's why I'm looking through it at all. It ended up being kind of an epic journey rescuing this old document from a faili...

December 3, 2017

Fertile Ground line-up just officially got announced!

November 3, 2017

 It was so meaningful to me to get to speak at Wine-ing for Literacy this year. I have been on the First Book Portland board since 2013, it's a cause that matters to me a lot, and I loved having the opportunity to combine my passion for this organization with my passio...

October 22, 2017

Our performance at the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative Conference rocked the house. I am so grateful for everyone involved.

Moments from tonight I do not want to forget:
-- The gentleman who walked up to me after the play, eyes still wet, who said "you had me...

September 2, 2017

Had a great experience this morning chatting with the fine people over at KGW's Portland Today to promote my show tomorrow night with the Portland Storytellers' Guild. Sometimes I feel a little weird about working "the cancer angle" - especially since my show on Saturd...

August 29, 2017

 This will likely be my last show with the guild for a little while and I'm so delighted to be opening their new season at their new venue (my home away from home the Clinton Street Theater).

Things you can look forward to at this show:

1. free food and drinks

2. some gre...

August 4, 2017

Basically jumping right off the plane and right into the woods, I'll be performing at Pickathon again this year! My show is this Sunday morning at 9:30 on the Woods Stage, but I'll be bumming around all day Saturday as well soooo if you are there you just might see me...

August 3, 2017

So… yes… amid my play’s numerous performances…. I left town and went to the Czech Republic.

I’m not at all an experienced traveler. I’d like to say, at the very least, I brushed up a little on the history of the region, but that never happened. Instead, I launched no-no...

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September 2, 2017

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