Questions of gender and sexual identity are posed in a new light each night in this full-length comedy about dating in the modern age. With a script designed such that every character can be played by an actor of any gender without changing a single line of dialogue, six actors trade roles each night to present a series of conversations that carry different implications with every performance.

Production History:
- July 2017 - Production at Hillsboro Artists'
              Regional Theatre

- June 2017 - Staged Reading at Theater 33

- March 2017 - Staged Reading at Lewis & Clark 

               College Gender Symposium

- January 2017 - Eugene O’Neill National 

                 Playwrights Conference

- October 2016 - HART Page to Stage V Winner
- January 2015 - Staged Reading at Fertile 

                 Ground Festival

At first they appear to be two young strangers waiting for the bus. A young couple confronts questions of gender, sexuality, and who they really are. 10 minute play.

Production History:

- October 2016 – Portland in Play, Staged Reading at Artists Repertory Theatre

A young woman is released from the hospital after a lengthy stay being treated for cancer. Meanwhile, her sister and caretaker grapples with her own sacrifices.

Production History:

- January 2017 – Short & Sweet, Staged Reading at Fertile Ground Festival


"Nick Bradley Might Be an Alcoholic" - 2010 - Writer / Director / Producer
Producers: Stuber Productions and Farah Films

Half-hour television sitcom pilot (excerpts shown above)

"Kevosier" - 2011 - Writer / Director
Producer:  Michael Wortsman (Hollywood Laundromat)

Half-hour television sitcom pilot (excerpts shown above)

"Accidental Criminals" - 2017 - Writer

Animated series, in progress