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The Lucky Break

Book by Brianna Barrett
Music/Lyrics by Tracey Singer

A full-length musical about 4 friends who win a huge lottery together (and a 5th friend that didn't have cash that day), tracing both the initial excitement and the growing conflict it brings into their lives. Half of them lose all their money, the other half give up on their dreams, and all of them realize they've lost themselves somewhere along the way. Funny and heartfelt, with jokingly-delivered-albeit-completely-serious social commentary and some tears along the way.

Aida is an ambitious, first-generation college student who failed to get into her top choice medical school. Her boyfriend, Christian is spending so much time helping her study he's nearly failing out of Business school. Her best friend Fernanda is an aspiring artist who can't get a single gallery to take interest in her work, but party-animal Jay is having a hot streak and wants them to try their luck on the lottery. Their buddy Marco is the only one who doesn't kick in a few bucks.

What follows is a story of friendship, family, wealth, class, ambition, loneliness, jealousy, heartbreak, and how you probably shouldn't be an asshole just because you're rich.

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