Full-Length Plays

36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations

90 minutes. Cast of 8

Cameron is a hopeless romantic trying to turn online dates into real relationships to no avail until a chance second encounter with Parker. Newlyweds Morgan and Terry want to "spice things up" when they get a lot more spice than they bargained for. With a script designed such that every character can be played by an actor of any gender without changing a single line of dialogue, six actors trade roles each night to present a series of conversations that carry different implications with every performance.

1st Place Selection, Page to Stage V, Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre 
George Burns and Gracie Allen Scholarship and Fellowship in Comedy
Semi-Finalist, Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
Finalist, KCACTF/NNPN MFA Playwrights Workshop

Workshop, Theatre 33
Workshop, Fertile Ground Festival
Reading, Lewis & Clark College (Gender Studies Symposium)
Community Theater Production, Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre

High School Production, Albuquerque High School

Acts of Creation

90 minutes. Cast of 5

A woman creates an artificial intelligence algorithm to write her a masterpiece before she dies, and her family reckons with what it means to honor someone's legacy.


Mark Twain Prize in Comic Playwriting

Finalist, Portland Civic Theatre Guild's New Play Award

Finalist, Pegasus PlayLab

Finalist, Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival

Workshop, Theatre 33

Still Harvey Still

90 minutes. Cast of 6

A classic body swap comedy is turned on it's head when Evan (a cancer patient) and Harvey (his drug-addict best friend) swap bodies during a stem-cell transplant gone awry.

MFA Thesis Production, UCLA

Florence Fane in San Francisco

2 hours. Cast of 11-13

A Civil War Era romantic comedy inspired by real columns from the city's most popular weekly newspaper: The Golden Era.A serious young woman enters the Lick House Hotel Saloon, looking for a job as a journalist -- she begrudgingly agrees to write a gossip column in the persona of a young single lady out on the town. What she finds is a new side of herself she didn't know she had, and a chance at a life she didn't know she wanted. Battles rage between North and South, between rival publishing companies, and between her relationship with her own alter ego.


Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant

Semi-Finalist, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference


Reading, Artists Repertory Theatre produced by LineStorm Playwrights

Reading, Seattle Playwrights Salon
Reading, Echo Theatre's "First Draft" produced by Over the Bridge Arts

Adapted for radio on the NYTimes recommended "Storybound" Podcast, sponsored by Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant, 2020. Hear it here!

After This Episode

90 minutes. Cast of 8-30+

Rae is diagnosed with cancer during her senior year in high school. Her sister Margo stays home from college to care for her. TV shows and social media posts become their main outlets to the world outside, as Rae copes with isolation in a highly-connected digital world.

Kenneth Macgowan Family Playwriting Award

Monologue published in The Best Women's Monologues from New Plays 2020 (Applause Books)


Commissioned by Camas High School / Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Production, Camas High School

Workshop, Northwest Narrative Medicine Conference

Reading, Fertile Ground Festival produced by LineStorm Playwrights

Reading, Seattle Playwrights Salon


60 minutes. Cast of 6

Abe Lincoln wants to leave a legacy. Helen Sparrow wants to shut down all the saloons in Portland, Oregon. Three women in prison after a protest consider what women might accomplish if only they can take power not afforded to them in the 1870s.

University Production, UCLA

Solo Shows

True Love and Other Noncommunicable Diseases

80 minutes.

The first person perspective of a 24-year-old diagnosed with cancer, dealing with all the normal stuff: online dating, finding love, going bald, making awkward YouTube videos and ... oh, you know, trying not to die or whatever. Brianna stands on stage with a laptop, editing together footage of her real life, seen by the audience via projector. From childhood to the person in front you, her life flashes before your eyes.

Oregonian Art Pick

Willamette Week "Favorite Moments From Fertile Ground"
Twice named "Portland's Best Storyteller" in Willamette Week


Performance at Artists Repertory Theatre produced by LineStorm Playwrights

Performance at SOLOFEST produced by Bag & Baggage Productions

Performance at Art of the Story Festival

Performance at Northwest Narrative Medicine Conference

Performance at Portland Storytellers' Guild

Performance at ROAR

Performance at The Yarn

Performance at Funhouse Lounge

Performance of Notes of Hope at Alberta Rose Theater

Adapted into 5-part miniseries for KBNB podcast.

Can My Imaginary Friends Come Too?

60 minutes.

From childhood betrayals to imaginary friends to learning how to interface with real humans to discovering the "acceptable grown-up version" of her wild imagination, Brianna charts her creative journey in this coming-of-age tale.


Performance at Pickathon

Performance at Art of the Story Festival

Performance at Story People of Clallam County

Performance at Portland Storytellers


A Temporary Funeral for Darren McDuffy.

10 minutes.

A funeral in purgatory for someone who just had a near-death experience.


Theater Masters Take Ten Selection

Publication by Samuel French/Concord Theatricals


Reading, Naked Angels LA

Reading, Fertile Ground Festival produced by LineStorm Playwrights

Reading, Theater Masters Take Ten Festival

How You Get Burned

10 minutes.

A fraud investigator is caught by the person he's investigating. She has some questions


Publication by Go Play Outside (Applause Books)


10 minutes.

Noted Oregon historian Frances Fuller Victor is known to have spent most of her life as a
struggling artist, selling beauty products door to door when she was unable to afford publishing
costs for her books. She arrives at the home of Judge Matthew Deady and convinces him to help her
with research for her book on the early history of Oregon. Based on a true story.


Reading, Artists Repertory Theater produced by LineStorm Playwrights

Slipper Tongue

10 minutes.

Cinderella isn't into guys.


Production at Otherworld Theatre for Femslash Fest

Production at UCLA produced by Hooligan Theater

Reading, Naked Angels LA


10 minutes.

At first they appear to be two young strangers waiting for the bus. A young couple confronts questions of gender, sexuality, and who they really are.


Reading, Artists Repertory Theater produced by LineStorm Playwrights

Relationship Tests

20 minutes.

Liz is taking every pregnancy test she's ever taken in her life as her memories blur from one moment to the next.


Reading, Jakespeare Virtual Theater Company (as "Bed Hopper")