Full-Length Plays
Mealtime Conversations

90-minute comedy. Cast of 8.

Questions of gender and sexual identity are posed in a new light each night in this full-length comedy about dating in the modern age. With a script designed such that every character can be played by an actor of any gender without changing a single line of dialogue, six actors trade roles each night to present a series of conversations that carry different implications with every performance.


- "Barrett's script is incredibly witty"
- "it's a very, very funny play"
- "I definitely plan to attend at least one more performance"


"This could be the first time a theatre has done this.”
                                  -Salem Weekly News

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference Semi-finalist, 2017.

George Burns and Gracie Allen Scholarship and Fellowship in Comedy

True Love

80-minute solo show.

The first person perspective of a 24-year-old girl diagnosed with cancer, dealing with all the normal stuff: online dating, finding love, going bald, making awkward YouTube videos and ... oh, you know, trying not to die or whatever. 


Brianna stands on stage with a laptop, editing together footage of her real life, seen by the audience via projector. From childhood to the person in front you, her life flashes before your eyes.


"Barrett's brazen and self-deprecating narration... leaves you in awe of her boundless wit, strength, candor and lust for life."
                     -Willamette Week,
                      Favorite Moments of Fertile Ground

Adapted into 5-part miniseries for KBNB podcast, 2021.

After This Episode

Cast of 8-30+

Rae’s life is forced into a standstill when she is diagnosed with cancer during her senior year in high school. Confined to the hospital, she faces a fraught relationship with her sister, a failed romance, and feelings of isolation in a hyper-connected, digital world.


"Flips the script on cancer"
                                  -The Columbian

"Laughing as a way of coping through the very serious reality cancer"
                              -KOIN 6

Kenneth Macgowan Family Playwriting Award

Florence Fane

2 hours.

Cast of 11-13.

A Civil War Era romantic comedy inspired by real columns from the city's most popular weekly newspaper: The Golden Era.A serious young woman enters the Lick House Hotel Saloon, looking for a job as a journalist -- she begrudgingly agrees to write a gossip column in the persona of a young single lady out on the town. What she finds is a new side of herself she didn't know she had, and a chance at a life she didn't know she wanted. Battles rage between North and South, between rival publishing companies, and between her relationship with her own alter ego.


"I am obsessed with this play. I have been for years." - Jude Brewer, Podglomerate

Adapted for radio on the NYTimes recommended "Storybound" Podcast, sponsored by Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant, 2020. Hear it here!

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference Semi-finalist, 2019.

Acts of Creation

Cast of 5

Thea is convinced she's dying. Her wife Reed is convinced she's not. When their daughters arrive for the family's annual Mother's Day celebration, Thea reveals she's created an artificial intelligence program to write her masterpiece before she dies. The family must confront what it means to honor a loved one's legacy -- and whether we can choose how we are remembered by others.

Acts of Creation.jpg

"This play rules, someone should produce it" - Brianna Barrett

Mark Twain Prize in Comic Playwriting, 2022.

Portland Civic Theatre Guild's 2022 New Play Award Finalist

Pegasus PlayLab Finalist, 2022.