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"After This Episode"

THIS FRIDAY AT 7 - There's one more chance to see my newest work, a 10-minute play called "After This Episode." It's funny and sad and the first thing I've actually finished out of many attempts I've made to write a fictional narrative about cancer.

If you can't make it to the play, but are interested in reading the script, hit me up! I'm definitely still interested in hearing any feedback, reactions, advice.

Writing about cancer is hard.

Writing about cancer is hard, despite the fact that I have a weekly cancer survivors writing group where I end up writing about cancer all the time.

Maybe it's harder BECAUSE of that fact?

I am accepting that it's impossible (of course) to say everything all at once. It's impossible to speak to everyone's experiences all at once. It's impossible to distance myself entirely from my own experiences, even in a purely fictional story. All of these things are always true, about any kind of narrative. But it's more of a struggle for some reason when it's something that is so close to us.

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