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"After this Episode" at NWNMC

Our performance at the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative Conference rocked the house. I am so grateful for everyone involved.

Moments from tonight I do not want to forget: -- The gentleman who walked up to me after the play, eyes still wet, who said "you had me in tears!" -- The young woman who swears she "was totally not following me" in the parking lot who said "All day I have been introducing myself to people as a med student, but your play reminded me that I am also a sister." Her little brother had leukemia. She thanked me for the reminder that she is, first and foremost, the sister of a survivor - that's why she got into medicine.

-- The woman who approached me to say that my play got her thinking about her two sisters and how they both coped with her treatment in different ways. She realizes she'd love to sit down with both of them and talk about the different roles they played during that time of their lives. She also thanked me for the reminder that she will never be the same. She keeps wanting to hurry up and "get back to her normal life" but says "thank you for pointing out to me: this is my normal life now."

For more about this show, you can also read this guest blog post I wrote for NWNMC:

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